As an influential blogger , we want to introduce you to a new app that will change the way people keep their personal records and any other private information secure. We know you are aware how vulnerable many mobile devices are to being hacked. Many of these devices can be hacked quite easily, because a large percentage of people never even add anti-virus software to their device. This is why we created RecordVault.

RecordVault is an app that, for a small fee, gives someone lifetime protection of their vital information. Using state of the art technology never before used in a security app, a person’s records can only be accessed by that person from their mobile device. Information can include images, text, documents, and any other items a person deems most important to them and their families.

In addition to the safety and security and lifetime protection that comes with RecordVault, they can change or add anything else they feel is vital and needs to be “deadbolted”. Also, in an emergency where the person is not able to speak with EMTs or doctors, they can access the person’s In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts and any other necessary medical information (allergies, chronic conditions, etc.) without needing to log into RecordVault itself.

We would truly appreciate if you could try out the app for yourself, take a look at all the benefits, and give us a review. RecordVault has the potential to keep many people’s vital information virtually hack proof and we would like for you to tell your fans all about it first.