In today’s world, we need to carry important information with us (health records, financial information, legal documents, etc.) and the most convenient way is to keep it on our smartphones or tablets. However, mobile devices are so vulnerable to hacking these days that you would not carry around documents that contain personal identity information without proper security! This is the problem RecordVault corrects. RecordVault provides mobile file cybersecurity that protects your medical records, financial information, identity, data, pictures, images, etc. and is like having a mobile personal bank vault.

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RecordVault is an affordable app for your Android or Apple devices that gives you immediate access to all your information, while keeping it secure. It uses our patented (U.S. Patent No. 8,930,700) software-based multifactor authentication (3FA) technology never before used in any other app, military grade encryption and industry standard file cleaning, it makes sure whatever you put in your “vault” is impenetrable.

Having secure access to the records on your phone or tablet while traveling can be a lifesaver. Using RecordVault locks your selected files and folders so that only you can unlock them. Plus, if you are ever in a situation where you need to share critical health information, your In Case of Emergency (ICE) file can be accessed by a medical professional without needing to know your security codes, while keeping the rest of your files private.

A small one-time download charge enables you to use RecordVault on all of your devices, without the expense of extra hardware, and is the best security technology to keep your records safe for you, your business and your family…for life!

Get RecordVault for your smartphone or tablet today. You won’t use it daily, but it is there when you really need it and it is the best mobile data insurance policy you can buy!